So whats involved in cleaning an Image sensor. First the outside of the camera is cleaned Then a “before” shot is taken, this will show the location and size of the dust and dirt. The Chamber is cleaned, this is were the dust is located, if this area is not cleaned then your very next shot may move the dust around, and move onto the sensor again. The mirror and focus screen is also inspected for dust and cleaned (if possible) Then the task of cleaning the sensor takes place, this uses many methods to obtain a 99% clean. A final “after” shot is taken to show the removal of dust.

Please remember we require a fully charged battery and one camera lens ready

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Please don’t attempt to clean your focus screen, it sits just above your mirror. your will notice dust in this area when you look thought your camera. Because it is up above the mirror the spots you see will not come out on your images. Its just a bit annoying. It generally cost from $50 to replace a screen at the time of a sensor clean.